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China International Fluid Machinery Exhibition


The 12th China International Fluid Machinery Exhibition

Date: September 25-27 , 2012
Location: ShangHai Mart (No.99 Xing'yi Road, ShangHai , China)
Webside: http://www.fluid-sh.com/en/index/index.asp
Organizer: China Fluid Engineering Association
Supporters: VMA, BVMA, EUROPUMP, German Valve Association, French Valve Association, Italian Pump Product Association, EU Valve Association, Italian Valve Association, Russian Valve Association, South Africa Valve Association, Japan Valve Association, Taiwan Fluid Power Association, Spanish Fluid System Exporter Association, Philippine Water and Wastewater Treatment Association and Yongjia Pump-Valve Industry Association, Wenzho

Exhibits Profile Pump, valve and pipeline sector
※Pump products:Centrifugal pump, vacuum pump, metering pump, chemical pump, oil pump, process pump, sewage pump, vortex pump, self-priming pump, multistage pump, anticorrosion pump, pneumatic pump, piping pump, pulp pump, air conditioning pump, submerged pump, swimming pool pump, underwater pump, magnetic pump, gear pump, screw pump, arc pump, high viscosity pump, admixture pump and other special pumps; the pump related units and instruments;
※Valve products: gate valve, stop valve, throttle, gauge valve, plunger valve, stopcock, ball valve, butterfly valve, check valve, relief valve, safety valve, trap valve, regulating valve, drain valve and other special valves; the valve related units and instruments;
※Instruments and meters: flowmeter, electro-magnetic flowmeter, roots flowmeter, rotameter, steam flowmeter, vortex shedding flowmeter, Roots type flowmeter, differential pressure typed flowmeter, and other flow instrument;
※Pipes and accessories: pipe material, pipeline, steel pipe, pipe fittings, valve, filter, flange, tee, bent, linker, quick coupling, pipeline system, pipeline weld and construction tool.

Compressor and air blower sector
※Air-compress technology:air compressor and spare parts, air compress treatment facilities, vacuum technology and facilities, etc.;
※air blower/fan:multiple centrifugal fan, Roots blower, fan box, equilibrator, bearing, air diffuser and blower/fan accessories, etc.

Equipment of gas separation & purification sector
※Gas separation & liquefaction equipment, air purification equipment, filter & separation equipment, vacuum equipment, professional product and technology of fluid machinery.

 Integrated exhibition sector
※Drying equipment and technology; decelerate machine, seal, electrical appliance, instrument & meter, automation control and relevant accessory products and technology; complete sets of equipment and technology; experiment & inspection equipment and technology; fluid dynamics machinery, hydraulic pressure & pneumatic component and chemical equipment, etc.

“The 11th China International Fluid Machinery Exhibition (FLUID 2011) " was unveiled from Oct. 10-12, 2011 at the Shanghaimart, with an exhibition area of 8,000 square meters. This exhibition is a first-class fluid machinery exhibition in Asia in scale, international level, number of exhibitors, exhibit quality, or visitor and purchaser level. The FLUID has been held in Shanghai, China every year since 2001. Up to now, it has attracted more than 3,000 enterprises, 200,000 people from 30-plus countries and regions including renowned enterprises like GE, EBARA, MAN, GIVA, Grundfos, Henry Pratt, Spirax Sarco, New Wave,Ebro, Zenit, Espa, Leo, East Pump, Liancheng, Century, Voitu, Dongquan, TTV, Tyco, Flowserve, Ebara, Franklin Electric, WATTS, EBRO ARMATUREN, TOMOE, Glong Motor and Nanfang Pump etc. The FLUID has been recognized by professionals both from home and abroad and has attracted high attention from industry insiders.
The FLUID 2012 will be hosted on Sep 25-27 in Shanghaimart. The FLUID will march towards higher targets based on its ten-year successful hosting experience and its strong market influence. The exhibition will make full use of the position of Shanghai as the International Exchange Center, organize international audience and exhibitors while facing the international and domestic markets to push the exhibition internalization to a new level. We believe that the exhibition will be a grand industry gathering of elites and fine products!


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