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Yiwu Market

YiWu Market

1. The market covers 700,000 square meter.

2. There are more than 40,000booths in the market .

3. There are more than 150,000 different commodities .

4. There are more than 60,000 salesmen.

5. There are more than 150,000 buyers coming here every day.

6. There are more than 4,000 famous international & domestic corporations have got office here.

7. There are more than 3,000 agencies and dealers from more than 40 countries.

8. The goods are sold to over 140 countries and zones.

List of all the Markets and Professional Street in YiWu

1. China Small commodity market

2. Textile & lace, ribbon market

3. Binwang market

4. International commodity market, first phase

5. International commodity market, second phase.

6.The International commodity market third phase

To be very frank, you can find whatever you preferred in Yiwu market.

And there are several professional streets where you can also purchase the commodities, such as

oil painting & frame Professional Street , lighter & mug Professional Street , underwear

Professional Street, neck cloth Professional Street, Jewelry Professional Street, Art&Craft Professional Street, Auto Accessory Professional Street .

One saying like this : Yiwu is a sea of commodities, a paradise for buyers.

The advantage of Yiwu commodity market

1.Small quantity available at reasonable price.

2. Yiwu market suitable for retailer, wholesaler, importer, Chain store, etc.

3. Abundant sources of different items for your selection

Because of the huge potential business opportunity existed in Yiwu which is worthy for you to pay a visit here sooner or later. Once your schedule of Yiwu business trip is fixed, then our professional service will accompany with you wherever you go, and make your business trip smooth and fruitful.

International Trade City 1 

International Trade City 1 It divide to A,B,C,D and E sections Industry: flowers and parts, toys, head ornament, jewelry,ceramic&crystals, frames, craft, tourism items, wedding and ceremony items.

International Trade City 2 

International Trade City 2 Section F & G Industry: umbrellas, suitcases&hags, raincoat&poly bags, vehicles, hardware tools&fittings, electric items, locksets,watches&clocks, home appliances, telecommunication equipments, photographic supplies, hardware accessories.

International Trade City 3 

International Trade City 3 Industry: pens&ink, paper articles, office supplies&statinery, recreation sporting article/equipment, cosmetics, zippers&buttons&clothing accessories,mirrors&combs

International Trade City 4 

International Trade City 4 Industry: socks,daily consumable items,gloves and other knitting products, weing thread&tape, nectie, nectie, towels, wool yarn, lace, bar&underwear, belts, scarf, footwear, hosiery.

International Trade City 5  

International Trade City 5 Industry: bedding knitting raw materials dry good automobile appliance accessories

HuanYuan Clothing Market 

HuanYuan Clothing Market from the first floor to the fifth floor are jeans, men's clothing, women's clothing, sportswear, woolen sweaters, children's clothing and so on. They are positioned as the professional clothing market.

Furniture Market  

Furniture Market Industry: beds, sofas, cabinets, coat stands, shelf, tables, desks,bes, desks, sofa beds, chairs, office furniture, tables, safes, coat stands

Yiwu Stock Street 

Yiwu Stock Street Address: 5 Ai Road Main Products: clothing, jewelry, handicrafts, Commodity .....

Yiwu Building Materials Market 

Whichis most critical toYiwusuppliesmarket,located inYiwuCity RoadNo. 199.Themarketcoversanareaof100 acres,350tradingstalls, with170business operators,and metalmaterials,stone,ceramicsandlightinghardwarefourtrading

Yiwu Zipper Professional Street 

Yiwu Zipper Professional Street Yiwu Zipper Professional Street is located in the the Binwang road.The zipper industry started in the early 1980s, late 1980s began a steady development. Advanced zipper manufacturing facilities in Korea, Taiwan and other places in the 1990s a large number of Yiwu.

Yiwu ZhaoZhai Photo Frame Professional Street 

Yiwu Zhaozhai photo frame professional street. The Yiwu Zhaozhai, frame decorative painting industry, raw material markets. Frame professional street in Yiwu city center has attracted many of the world merchants flocked to the profession Street carefully procurement of various commodities.

Yiwu Telecommunications Market 

Yiwu telecommunications market is located in Binwang Road 211. The Yiwu telecommunications market, investment in high-tech professionals from Yiwu, the bureau market.

Yiwu ChangChun Automobile Professional Street 

Yiwu automotive supplies, auto parts professional Street "is China's auto zero but not industry associates, China's auto parts Lianxiao Group, the National Federation of vehicles (motorcycles) parts Chamber of Commerce to assist the support and the Yiwu municipal government focus on developing professional project.

XingZhong Accessories And Ornaments Street 

Xingzhong Accessories and Ornaments Street locates in the Xingzhong village and has also attrated many suppliers and bussinessmen all around the world.

Yiwu XiaWang Hotel Equipment And Supplies Street 

Yiwu xia wang hotel equipment and supplies Street. Its main scope involves kitchen equipment, furniture and furnishings, tableware, bedrooom supplies, cleaning and laundry equipment, textiles and uniforms, coffee, tea and food, hotel technology; Tableware, melamine tableware, cooking utensils, alcohol stove, glassware, glass turntable.

Yiwu XiaWang Gate Street 

The Yiwu Xiawang Gate Street Industry: burglar-proof doors, wooden doors, door sets, iron doors, hardwares, locks, hinges and handles industry: security doors, wooden doors, door units, iron, hardware, locks, hinges and handles

Yiwu ZhaoZhai Lighters Street 

Yiwu Zhaozhai street has a convenient locating near yiwu Bingwang Transportaion Center and Bingwang market. Its four speciality streets features in calendary, photo frame, lighter, shaver, glass ware, which, have drawn lots of purchasers.

Yiwu HuangYangMei Lamps Lighting Electrical Street 

Yiwu Huangyangmei lamps lighting electrical accessories, professional Street It is located in the Industrial Park of Yiwu, the most distinctive and very active the Beiyuan center of the street block, the traffic in Yiwu is the main Road, Airport Road, Ring Road, along the street before

Yiwu ChangChun Scarf Professional Street 

Changchun, Scarf professional street, Yiwu Yiwu Yiwu foreign trade, mainly scarves area, Yiwu has more than 3,700 households scarf business households. Apart from Yiwu local company headed by the love birds more than 300 scarves to operate large home

Yiwu Knitting Market  

Yiwu Knitting Market is Zhejiang three-star civilization market, built by Yiwu market develop & invest centre, located in 93#, Chengzhong Middle Road,Yiwu.

Yiwu South XiaZhu Leather Professional Street 

Jiangdong Street south Xiazhu leather professional Street Professional street, there are more than 1,500 stores and ancillary buildings, including the leather to open new stores over 800, more than 400 garment accessories and luggage material, business leather, garment accessories, bags and materials, products

Yiwu ShiQiaoTou Interior Decoration Street 

Shiqiaotou Interior Decoration Street Its main products are cupboard, ceramics, sanitarywares, wall paper, docorative hardware, wall tile, floor tile, ceiling and stair items.
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