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How to go to Yiwu?

How to go to Yiwu?

Bus From Shanghai to Yiwu

If you take bus, it leaves about every 1 hour and available at various long distance inter-province bus stations ( called chang tu ke yun zhan in Chinese) . Some stations got more schedules than others. Make sure you know which station you are going to. Again, the hotel staff should be able to give you directions. You may want to go to either the general station ( or Ke yun Zong zhan at No. 1662 of Zhongxing Road) or Pacific Station (tai ping yang station at No. 710 Hengfeng Road.)  Actually buses are just fine if you don't get car sick.

Private transportation From Shanghai to Yiwu (Recommended for group of 2 people or more)

If you want more comfort and privacy,  we can also arrange private car/van pick up from Shanghai to Yiwu. It costs about 1000-1200 RMB regularly, but with our long business relationship with many taxi companies and private drivers, your discount rate is only 120 USA Dollar. It's actually quite economical too, if you come in group of 2 people or more.
Flight to Yiwu

There's no international flight into yiwu directly. Depending on which port you enter China, you will have some options.
Shanghai to Yiwu: If you fly to Shanghai first, you can take a bus or train to yiwu and it's about 4-5 hours.
Guangzhou to Yiwu (Canton to Yiwu) If you fly to Guangzhou, you can take a connection flight to yiwu airport. That's the ideal travel plan, esp. for those who attend the Canton Fair in October. Yiwu Fair  is from 22nd to 26th of October each year, designed to be held right during the break of Canton Fair so international visitors can attend both.  In case you miss the flight from Guangzhou to yiwu, you can take the flight to Hangzhou, and take bus to yiwu from Hangzhou, it's about 1-2 hours.
Shenzhen to Yiwu  Ideally if you are passing through Hong Kong.
shenzhen to yiwu flight   CZ3876  13:55. 16:35  Yiwu to shenzhen CZ3875  10:25  13:10 (Every Monday Wednesday, and Friday Only)
Alternatively, every Tue. Thurs. Saturday.
Flight ZH9371 Shenzhen to Yiwu 19:15 - 21:05
flight ZH9372  Yiwu to shenzhen 21:45 - 23:30
Hangzhou to Yiwu If you arrived at Hangzhou (xiaoshan) Airport, there's shuttle to Yiwu every hour.
Shaoxing (Keqiao China Textile Town) to Yiwu, buses available every hour.

 Trains from SHANGHAI to YIWU

Train takes about 5 hours or less from shanghai to yiwu. There're plenty of options between shanghai and yiwu. Make sure you board a quicker and clearner one. We can provide you with booking assistance.

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