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GuangZhou Restaurant


Eating in Guangzhou


As the famous saying goes, "Eat in Guangzhou", Catering has been the relatively active industry of the economy of Guangzhou and also the sensitive industry to the society. 

Nowadays, catering industry not only reflects the new situation of the reform and opening up of Guangzhou, but also one of the pillar industries for enlarging internal demand and increasing the economic development. The statistics show that there are 18,000 restaurants of all kinds in Guangzhou including a good number of historic ones and new ones. There are also countless traditional and creative famous dishes, dim-sums and appetizers. The visitors are always attracted by the variety, color, fragrance, taste and shape of the dishes.

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Cantonese Food, one of the four major food styles in China, become eminent with the development of its unique history, culture, geography and technology. Cantonese food gathers the advantages of other food styles. There are various extractive materials and seasonings like birds, beasts, games, sea foods, wild vegetables.

The cooking skill pays priority to light, fresh, clear, slippery, tender and nutrition, which also change with the seasons. The "morning tea", which becomes popular all of China, has delicate and tasty dim sum. Guangzhou flavor snack has large variety and diversity, such as the inexpensive and tasty radish cake, rice noodle, steamed zongzi (rice wrapped in leaves), fried river snail, cattle entrails, Shahe rice noodle, wonton with noodle, skinned milk, stewed stuff, boat porridge, jidi porridge and pot rice. 

Guangzhou concentrates the dishes of all of China. You could find local food and food from outside, like Chaozhou food, Hakka food, Sichuan food, Shandong food, Hunan food, Beijing food, Jiangsu food, Northeast China food, Muslim food and Royal food.

People could taste Chinese royal dishes of Qing dynasty, full Man and Han ethnic dishes, Beijing roasted duck, Yunnan Guoqiao rice noodle, Shanghai Longxiang steamed bun, Tianjin Goubuli steamed bun, xi'an royal court dumpling, Chongqing chafing dish, Lanzhou beef noodle, Chaozhou snack and Shanxi chopped noodle. 

The tasty dish of the world are brought to Guangzhou, including the French raw oyster, Japanese sushi, sashimi, Thai potted fish and chicken claw, Korean BBQ, Indian fried curry chicken, Vietnamese grilled gold edge fish and cuisine from Nepal, Middle East, Italy, U.S.A. and South East Asia. 

What ever local flavor, country snack and traditional cuisine are available in Guangzhou. All kinds of restaurants cover every street and commercial area, no matter it is a well known one or a snack bar. In recent years, dining out has become an indispensable activity of people in the daily life and catering industry has attracted more investors to join in. Therefore, the number of restaurant increased tremendously, the competition method are diversified, which takes on a flourishing phenomena.


6th Guangzhou Oktoberfest 

China Hotel, A Marriott Hotel welcomed more than 600 VIPs and media representatives for the 6th Annual Guangzhou Oktoberfest 2010 Opening Night from 6:30pm to 11:30pm in the Oktoberfest tent.

The Castle: Authentic German Cuisine 

Every single element in The Castle reminds you of Europe and Germany in particular.Featuring authentic German food, The Castle is located on Huangshi Dong Road in one of the city's busiest areas.

Chilean Turbot Appears On Menus At Westin 

The Westin Guangzhou recently announced they had launched a number of dishes prepared with Chilean Turbot, a flatfish Chinese name "Duo Bao," meaning "many treasures." These fish are farmed in the city of Huizhou and claim to be free of antibiotics.

Barrique, Matching Perfect Food With Exquisite Wines 

Huanshi Dong Road is for most expats the center of Guangzhou's night life, with dozens of bars, clubs, and restaurants selling western food. But if you walk down Xiatang Xi Road you'll discover a much quieter and stylish.

A World All About The Food 

"In my hometown in northeastern China, one third of all restaurants serve grill," says Yang, the owner of a new grill restaurant in Guangzhou named Jianghu. The name "Jianghu" immediately makes Chinese people think of the famous Chinese novel "

LIMONI Restaurant  

Focusing on simplicity, authenticity, and flavors, LIMONI is a casual Italian restaurant. An open kitchen and interactive Chef create a warm ambience which allows you to sit back and enjoy dining the Italian way.

Locomotive Restaurant With Romantic Ambience 

Nestled among trees at the eastern end of Shamian Island is the Locomotive restaurant, comprising a main "station" building nestled between two railway carriages. The carriage on the left has been done out with two private banqueting rooms.

Sincerity The Essence Of Milano 

Milano is simply decorated, lightly colored, elegant, relaxed and comprised of a forecourt for eating alfresco and with traditional seating arrangements and booths available inside. Light melodic music filters through the restaurants interior. Situated close to the Garden Hotel.

La Seine Uncompromising French Elegance 

Located just beside the Pearl River inside the Xinghai Concert Hall, La Seine is said to be one of the top places for making a wedding proposal in Guangzhou. The interior of the restaurant was conceived by a Hong Kong designer with a strong continental atmosphere, both quiet and elegant.


Only two restaurants cater to Spanish tastes in Guangzhou, as Spanish food has traditionally not been very popular here. The oldest is Toro Toro in Jianshe liu Road near the Garden Hotel.

Spanish Food And Vintage 

In lively Taojin Lu, an expats' community in Guangzhou, lies peacefully a small two-storey restaurant, Wine & Tapas. It's regarded to have the best and the most Spanish delicacies in Guangzhou for the time being.

Hai Nan Ren Restaurant 

Located in a placid neighborhood, the restaurant overflows with authenticity. Undisturbed by the hustle and bustle of downtown streets—an unusual situation for restaurants in Guangzhou—the place has long had the reputation among "Laoxiangs" (fellow townsmen) for being both authentic and inexpensive.

Taste Yunan Restaurant 

all contributed to a lovely evening which I will always remember and relish the idea of returning to try some of the many of the other delicious dishes I saw other restaurant guest enjoying.

Hao Chi Gourmet Restaurant 

Cantonese Stir-fried Rice Noodles with Sliced Beef; Xinjiang Fried Chicken with Pepper and Potato; Sichuan Boiled Beef with Chili, Stir-fried Noodle Shanxi-style; Milk Tea Hong Kong Style, these different snacks come from across the nation; you'll have the chance to taste them all in the same restaurant: Hao Chi Gourmet Restaurant.

Green Island Restaurant A Nice Natural Treat  

Sitting in almost any Green Island's restaurants will provide diners with a relaxing enjoyment of Nature, as they are all located inside scenic parks or beside picturesque landscape.

A Taste Of Old Canton Guangzhou Restaurant 

The 'Guangzhou Restaurant', located at the corner of Wenchang Nan Road and the famous Shangxiajiu Street in the Li Wan district, has a long and distinguished history dating back to 1935. The restaurant can cater for as many as 10,000 people a day and has branches as far apart as Hong Kong and Los Angeles.

Mountainous Lounge For Gourmets Songfeng Xuan 

The room was unpretentious, decorated in pale yellows with the usual tile floor. A large circular table in the middle and plenty of space around it. The restaurant can accommodate up to 1,000 people, in very tasteful surroundings. You wouldn’t know that from looking at it, but there are many private rooms.

Daye Feng Fan (Hainan Cuisine) 

Small wooden huts with open windows, coconut leaves flickering in the air... Daye Feng Fan, meaning "big coconut and rice", is Guangzhou's largest Hainan restaurant, very clean and proud of its food safety record.
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