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Yiwu Restaurant

Yiwu Restaurant

Your life in Yiwu will be a surprise when you will find many shops with English, Korean and Arabic name at Chouzhou Rd., Chengzhong Rd., Binwang Rd., Gongren Rd., and Huagong Rd. Meanwhile you will find international food, such as Korean cuisine, continental food, American fastfood, and halal food, which might help you relief a little bit from homesickness, and it is also a kind of way to help Chinese to learn the culture of other countries. Now there’re 3 restaurants invested by foreigners. And many other restaurants supplying international food are run by Chinese.

The government has paid great focus on the living service and food supply to the foreigners and created an environment to support oversea investment in catering service.

Raindrops Cafe 

Due to the assembly of foreigners from various countries and religious belief, there are many diversified restaurants here in Yiwu to meet requirements of different people.

JINLU Restaurant 

JINLU Restaurant in Nautilus Hotel on the basis of the upgraded a pure catering hotel, Hotel Continental decoration style in Yiwu become an independent school, style dishes in Jinhua cuisine with Cantonese and Sichuan.

MAEDAH Restaurant 

MAEDAH Restaurant Address: Chouzhou road in 235. Phone:0579-85548544

SABA Restaurant 

SABA Restaurant Address: Chouzhou Road No. 157-165 Tel: (0579)85564580


KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken Kentucky Fried Chicken), usually referred to as KFC, is a well-known fast-food restaurant chain from the United States, created by Colonel Harland Sanders in 1952.

Han Jia Restaurant 

Han Jia Restaurant Address: Chouzhou road in 481. Tel: (0579)85544815

Brazilian Barbecue Restaurant 

Brazilian barbecue shop in Yiwu, barbecue really delicious, beef, pork, lamb and chicken, and different parts of the different level of attainment, whatever you choose. Fist-sized selection of quality fine meat with a length of about 60 cm of iron Qianzai wear a bunch of BBQ charcoal fire

ALAQSA Restaurant 

ALAQSA Restaurant Address: Chouzhou Road 129-133 Tel: (0579) 85,585,348


McDonald's restaurants ( McDonald ' s Corporation ) is a large fast food chains, in the world approximately has thirty thousand branches, mainly sells hamburgers, French fries,

Yiwu Starbucks Coffee 

All coffee drinkers in China know of Starbucks and Yiwu is definitely no exception to this rule. Ever since Starbucks opened up shop in the Yiwu Yihe Hotel, it has become a popular place to hang out and drink coffee. Starbucks,
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